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GoodRow Productions is a Film, Drama and Community-focused Production Company based in Lichfield. It was set up by Managing Director, web developer/actor/film maker Alan Rowe and Artistic Director, actor/entertainer/film maker Stuart Lance Goodwin in 2014 as an inter-generational platform for kids, their parents and their grandparents to come together and act together.

The aim of the company is to tell interesting stories in a fascinating way. The process of bringing those stories to life involves physical theatre, dressing up, making masks, producing props, building sets, new media, shaping and touring performances to fit specific spaces in multiple venues and sharing ideas. Our motto is work hard but play harder.

GoodRow offers training, education, skills, knowledge and understanding in the fields of Drama, Film and Communication. Through improvisation and devised work it promotes problem solving, working together and the development of active imagination. We aim to facilitate and nurture people’s talents to make them grow in whatever direction they choose. We also, in Producer and Resident Artist Stuart Goodwin have a licensed chaperone.

GoodRow is a non-profit making company; although we do aim to cover the costs of room and venue hire, props, travel, insurance and books. The Artistic Director also takes a fee. Here’s hoping you can join us.

It was felt that people with skills should share them and encourage others to do the same.

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