January 9, 2021 Goodrow Productions
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2019 A Call to Arms

2019 has landed and with it comes our Call to Arms. Alan and I have not been idle in recent months.

Since mid 2017 we have been at work on our Magnum opus, “the Legend of Dinosaur George Muldoon” and indeed it is a monster. Music, drama, dance extravaganza, scare maze, zombie apocalypse, alien abduction, this mother has it all. It even has its own Computer Game!

Christmas 2017 saw the Launch of the Hamelin Album and the presentation of our first batch of songs from The Legend. By Christmas 2019 we will be presenting our first show of The Legend of Dinosaur George Muldoon. As with Hamelin we will present only the first act. But by 2020 we will have the entire show ready.

Donations needed

Now this is where you come in. Please pledge, via gofundme, a tenner (or more, if you can afford it) so we can begin to set this juggernaut in motion. We want to raise £20,000 in order to buy two animatronic dinosaurs for the show. Alternatively purchase one of our AMAZING T SHIRTS, designed by Alan and I to promote the show (available soon). These fetching collectibles will bear the logo opposite.

Please, Please, Please help us and make your pledge today. Support us and local drama. Read through the comments section below to see what the people who have worked with us or seen our shows have to say about what we do. Goodrow has been in operation since 2014 and with your help and support you can help make 2019 our most AMAZING YEAR YET!!!