The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Coming back in January

Show dates now released

We are now rehearsing for Hamelin – The Musical which will be performed at Sutton Art’s Theatre in January 2017. We still need more performers – please spread the word Rehearsals are at 7th Lichfield Scout Hut at 5pm on Sundays and 6.30pm-8.30pm at Lichfield FC (Enotts) – anyone interested in being involved in the next round is welcome!

We are so pleased that our first performance was such a massive success. We would like to thank the packed audience of 150 for their reactions and comments and especially thank all those directly involved, case and crew for all their hard work which totally paid off!

Here are a few quotes from the first run:

“The best amateur production I have ever seen”
“I loved it so much, if it was on again tomorrow, I would be there!”
“I wasn’t expecting much, but I was so surprised how utterly fantastic it was. The music was just brilliant”


So for those of you that weren’t there – we have created an exciting new production of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Written by Stuart Goodwin and Alan Rowe, this project looks to build on foundations established with Goodrow’s ‘A Christmas Carol’, which combined mime and physical theatre alongside song and dance, across a range of venues and spaces.

We are booked in for January at Sutton Arts Theatre and will be expanding the script and adding more great, classic songs, with a folk flavour, to help with the storytelling. As before, we are looking to build works that help develop a powerful ensemble with all of the players on stage throughout the performance, often taking on multiple roles. This develops focus, discipline and concentration and means that no one is left out and that everyone has to work hard to support everybody else.

If you would like to take part in the next round – get in touch

PiedPiper20Goodrow also looks to the National Curriculum for inspiration and focuses on the following Key Skills:

  • Working with others
  • Improving own learning and performance
  • Problem solving

Uniquely, we also bring adults and children, often from the same family, into a safe and fun working space. This means that family members get to spend quality time together, doing something creative that they all love and enjoy.

For each production we also look to help unite communities by performing out in the community. With our last production we were proud to perform for Seventh Lichfield Scouts, many of whom had not seen live theatre before, and with this show we are looking to reach even more people.

Artist in Residence and Producer Karen Mather is an essential part of the Goodrow team. For Piper, Karen is looking to recruit a group to help build props, make costumes and masks and to build scenery.

Goodrow is run by people who are both Qualified and Experienced. Staff are DBS checked and Stuart and Karen are licensed chaperones, used to securing licenses with the LEA for each child for every performance.

Stuart has 20 years experience in Education as a Lecturer, Teacher and Special Needs Assistant and has delivered workshops and training to the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sector. He has a Masters Degree in Drama and Performance and is also a licensed chaperone.


Alan, Karen, Ian and Stuart


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